Many firms are conducting training remotely, including targeted training on audit risks during COVID-19. In addition, firms are holding monthly remote audit department meetings and issuing periodic guidance to make sure all staff are up to date. “In the current environment, it’s important to remind people of the foundational principles of documenting judgments and conversations, gathering and evaluating audit evidence, and exercising professional skepticism,” Haskell said. The transition to remote work has been made possible by leveraging technology, and firms of all sizes are investing in transformation tools and innovation technologies. “Use of technology has made our and our clients’ jobs easier,” Nagpal said. “It has been brought to the forefront, and people have been empowered.” Auditors are using data tools to extract client general ledger data and perform analysis remotely, which takes some of the burden of providing audit support off clients. Auditors can look at large amounts of data and relationships, filter data to identify and focus on higher-risk transactions, and craft responsive audit steps. Technology capabilities of clients and staff can be a significant challenge. Kovacs directs audit innovation at his firm and has worked to train staff “to think like data scientists.” Some clients have sophisticated systems and professionals, but others do not. “The quality of client transactional data is paramount to transforming the audit,” Kovacs said. “If the data quality is not sufficient to permit the use of transformative technology, you cannot raise audit quality.” In these situations, Kovacs and his firm help clients understand what good data looks like so they can move toward improving the data and systems used to collect it. Auditors may have to modify their procedures to work with the data they do have. Nagpal said, “One positive thing that came out of this crazy year is that some old-school clients who did not have technology really didn’t have a choice. It was the only way to have their accounting team function and get the audit done.” Changes in operations and office closures as a result of the pandemic significantly affect controls and risk assessments. “Clients are doing the best they can to control and process transactions, but for many no enhancements are possible,” Kovacs said. If controls are not in place, risks are higher. “We expect the biggest risk is review of transactions,” he said.


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The Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation is located in downtown Grand Forks. (Herald staff photo) Grand Forks EDC hosts roundtable with Gateway to Science Gateway to Science Executive Director Beth Demke said adding a UAS exhibit to the Dakota Science Center would be an important step toward getting children in the Grand Forks region to take interest in STEM fields. Drones are commonplace and can be purchased online, so accessibility is a big factor in how the idea for a UAS exhibit came about, The Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation is located in downtown Grand Forks. (Herald staff photo) The Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation met with representatives from Gateway to Science in Bismarck to engage in exploratory talks to add an Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) exhibit to the Dakota Science Center on Wednesday, July 28. Gateway to Science is a 501(c)(3) founded in 1994 that creates hands-on experiences for children of all ages with the intention of teaching them about the importance of STEM fields. It has become an educational resource for the region since then. Gateway to Science also offers accessibility to those who wish to visit, including discounted admission for at-risk families and families receiving food assistance, partial scholarships for students to attend clubs and camps, free at yahoo Family Days, its STEM at Home webpage and Gateway to Science on the Go outreach programs. Gateway to Science Executive Director Beth Demke said adding a UAS exhibit to the Dakota Science Center would be an important step toward getting children in the Grand Forks region to take interest in STEM fields. Drones are commonplace and can be purchased online, so accessibility is a big factor in how the idea for a UAS exhibit came about. “UAS is one STEM concept,” Demke said. “For us, it’s all about teaching students about science, technology, engineering and math in all of its forms and all of its concepts. It’s important to interest students while they’re young, so they grow up with this understanding that STEM is important.” Demke is unsure of whether Airtonomy will be involved in a UAS exhibit if it happens, but she did not rule it out. “Our meeting was really all about starting these conversations to get ideas, so we don’t know what the end result will be yet,” Demke said. “That’s kind of the beauty of exhibit development and program development. We don’t start with any preconceived ideas. We’re coming to ask questions and get answers and continue these conversations.” Demke is optimistic about the process going forward, even though it is still in its infant stage. She said she anticipates the public being a large part of the conversation moving forward once more details get ironed out. “The way that we involve the public in the development of exhibits and programming is through our design concepts and prototypes,” Demke said. “A lot of time, we start with industry, higher education and people who are subject matter experts, and then best site we bring those ideas together, and we develop something that the public can reflect on, and then we’ll present it, whether it’s in a program format or a prototype of an exhibit, and then we get the public’s feedback from it.


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